Who wants to
just manage?

Property Management focused on retaining tenants & signing new leases

Transform your office asset from a place to work to an environment built for success.


We're just different.

Fans. Not Tenants.

The focus of our efforts is both in maintaining the property’s physical components and developing an excellent working relationship with each tenant. We understand that the overall experience the tenant has at the property is crucial to their workplace selection.

It's About the Bottom Line.

The finance team will analyze expenses and revenue streams for efficiencies and savings. You can rely on our fiscal experts to provide accurate budgets, financial certainty and diligent expense auditing.

Buy Leases, Not Buildings.

There is an industry aphorism, “You don’t buy buildings, you buy leases.” 

Positive leasing activity is the barometer of our success. We take an extremely proactive approach to leasing working alongside brokers and ownership to get more deals done.

If You Build It, They Will Come.

Blue Construction is the division of P3 that is responsible for directing and performing all manners of capital improvements and tenant fit-outs. By managing the construction internally, we are able to better control costs & time-frames and still maintain the highest level of workmanship.