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Heading 4





We are what we see and feel, the work environment plays a huge role in the outcome of my day."


Engineer, Verizon

The Bay, Livingston

Our Mission

Others focus on the property they own; our perspective is different. The way we see it our buildings aren’t our assets, you are! Our mission is to be the most tenant-centric property owner in the world; to engage, inspire and energize, so you can succeed.   Welcome to the Ultimate Work Environment

Meet some of our Partners

 BLUE doesn’t have tenants, we have partners. Our goals isn’t to get in you in the door, it’s to make sure you never want to leave. BLUE doesn’t manage assets, we shape an ecosystem. At BLUE we reflect the dynamic energy and dedication you bring each and everyday. Welcome to the Ultimate Work Environment


Our Environments

 BLUE assets aren’t named for where they are at, but rather by what’s within. The BLUE environments focuses on empowering the individual. BLUE means surroundings that are creative, convenient and motivated. BLUE is an identity and community you can call your own.