How Blue Manages Differently

Property Management

Our team of charismatic property managers

and skilled building engineers oversee all the

functions of on-site property management.

Each member of the team is trained to utilize

maximum focus, apply creative solutions, and

maintain a rigid cost-oversight. The focus of our efforts is both on maintaining the property’s physical components and developing an excellent working relationship with each tenant.

We understand that the overall experience the tenant has at the property is crucial to their workplace selection.


Leasing Management

There is an industry aphorism, “You don’t buy

buildings, you buy leases.” Positive leasing

activity is the barometer of our success. We take an extremely proactive approach to leasing; Our in-house team, Blue Leasing, works hand in hand with brokers, existing tenants, and potential leads to outperform our peers. Wetake a multi-pronged approach to capture every leasing opportunity and follow through all the way to lease execution. Each leasing prospect is approached with a unique outlook and a specific focus on that tenants’ interests. Starting with the initial tenant tour and continued thorough the structure of each deals term’s, we tailor every interaction to be

creatively suited to that particular tenant.

Asset Management

Our diligent fiscal team ensures the financial

health of your investment. We communicate

directly with lenders regarding their covenants

and requirements. Our accountants will provide

cash flow analysis & calculate recommended

distributions, calculate CAM billings, and

prepare budgets. The finance team will analyze

expenses and revenue streams for efficiencies

and savings and will provide accurate investor


Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 1.03.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 1.03.17 PM.png

Construction Management

Blue Construction is the division of P3 that is

responsible for directing and performing all

manners of capital improvements and tenant

fit-outs. By managing the construction

internally, we are able to better control costs &

time-frames and still maintain the highest level

of workmanship.

Who wants to just “manage”? We infuse creativity and positive energy into every facet of the property transforming your asset from a place to work, to an environment for success. Our engaged style of property management makes it easier to ink new deals and renew existing leases.

"We are better together"

Harvey Rosenblatt - CEO P3 Properties